RETROFIT Auto Industries

RETROFIT mission is to deliver safe, effective, and innovative auto products to our clients.

RETROFIT Auto Industries is the leading manufacturing and export company in Pakistan. The company has evolved in Axle auto industry and has promised itself to stay up to the mark in quality and services for our clientele.

  • Market leadership in product development and innovation
  • Increased manufacturing flexibility
  • Improved customer service through the sharing of technology and best practices

RETROFIT's ongoing focus is productive growth across its entire footprint through outstanding product quality, customer service, innovation, operational efficiencies and accretive acquisitions. We’ll maintain the unparalleled customer service and product quality that the market has come to trust in both at RETROFIT.

Axle Manufacturing & Supplies

Axles are an vitally necessary element in providing the stability and strength that allows motorized vehicles to safely carry cargo, people, and their own bulk. These components are built to bear immense amounts of weight. However, overloading an axle beyond its capacity can cause it to warp or break.

Due to their importance, axle shafts require the right materials, machining processes, and thorough review techniques to safeguard the safety of passengers and cargo.

At RETROFIT Auto Industries, we possess the capabilities to create shafts with diameters up to 18 inches and lengths of up to 80 inches for all kind of vehicles, including axle shafts with bearing-quality surfaces. After production, our in-house inspection lab uses a variety of specialized quality testing methods to ensure only the most reliable parts leave our facilities. Our 35+ years of experience in axle manufacturing allows us to make precision perfect product within the deadlines for bulk orders.

We manufacture and supply all kind of Axle Shafts ranging from Rikshaw, Car, Tractor, Mini Bus, Bus, Mini Truck, and Truck.

Rikshaw Axle

Rikshaw's are imensely increasing in count due to high demand of transporting all kind of equipment and goods within the narrow roads and streets. This trend is of transportation is very popular in areas of many countries where road and streets are narrow. We manufacture high precesion and eminent quality Axle shafts of Loader Rikhshaw and Chingchi. We manufacture & supply all kind of Axle Shafts for Rikshaw.

Car Axle

Due to increasing demand of motor vehicles, Car industry is blooming. To keep in mind, We at RETROFIT Auto Industries, have realized the demand and now gained the expertise in the field of manufacturing of Axle shafts used in car vehicles of all brands.

Tractor Axle

Tractor is a kind of vehicle designed specifically to perform agricultural activities. Since, Pakistan is an agricultural country so Tractor and its spare parts are in high demand here. To keep this high demand in mind RETROFIT Auto Industries decided to jump into the manufacturing of Axle shafts for Tractors. We manufacture both right and left front Axles for Tractor.

Mini Bus Axle

At RETROFIT Auto Industries, we manufacture axle shafts for Mini Buses like Mazda, Toyota Hiace, AC Coaches etc. We manufacture axles shafts of all brands and models of the mini buses.

Bus Axle

At RETROFIT Auto Industries, we also manufactures and supply Axle shafts for Automotive Buses. We manufacture Axles of all brands and models of the buses ranging from Mazda, Ford, Daewoo etc

Mini Truck Axle

In Pakistan, mostly Bed Ford mini trucks are used to tranport goods so we do manufacturing of axle shafts for Ford truck and most of the other model of trucks. We also supply all kinds of axles world wide.

Truck Axle

We manufacture axle shafts for Hino, Ford and all other models of Trucks. We have got the specialization in axle manufacturing for trucks, so we can manufacture bulk orders as well.